Laptop Setup for use with FinishLynx, RunScore, and Hytek Meet Manager (Windows 10)

Networking computers for use with FinishLynx and HyTek Meet Manager can be challenging considering all the protections now built into the Windows operating system. Below is a list of adjustments that can be made in Windows 10 to make FinishLynx and RunScore/HyTek a little easier to use. Much of this information comes from discussions with other timers, discussions on Facebook, and the RunScore Yahoo page. You may need some or none of these suggestions in your situation. Use at your own risk.

  1. Turn off all firewalls. Windows Security => Firewall &network protection => Turn off all three.
    Control Panel => Windows Defender Firewall => Turn Windows Defender on or off> all off, then “OK.” To change the third firewall: Advanced Settings =>Windows Defender Firewall Properties => Domain Profile Tab => Off => Apply=>”OK.”
    If you must have a Firewall: Set all needed rules to allow Lynx to operate.
  2. Turn off all virus protection including Windows Defender. Windows Security => Virus & threat protection=>Turn off defender. This step may need to be repeated from time-to-time.
    If using Windows 10 Pro, Open Run command (Win+r) => gpedit.msc=>Click Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Windows Defender => Turn Off Windows Defender => Click “Enabled” radio button.
  3. Turn off windows update. Generally, this can be controlled by not connecting the computer to the Internet but if have to connect ...
    • --For Window 10 Pro: Open Run command (Win+r) => gpedit.msc => Click Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Windows Update => Configure Automatic Updates. Then Click “Disabled” radio button.
    • --Control panel => Administrative Tools => Services => Windows Update. Set to “Disabled”. If using Windows 10 Home, this may need to be repeated each time you start the computer. Alternatively, mark the Internet connection as "Metered Connection."
  4. Turn on the following services: Control panel => Administrative Tools => Services =>
    • --Computer Browser => Automatic
    • --Function Display Provider Host => Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • --Function Discovery Resource Pub => Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • --Network Connections => Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • --Peer Networking Res Pub => Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • --Peer Networking Grouping => Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • --Peer Networking Id Manager => Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • --UPnP Dev Host => Automatic (Delayed Start).
  5. SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support. Control Panel => Programs and Features =>Turn on Windows Features =>SMB 1.0…=> Check all.
  6. Set computer IP address. Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center => Change Adapter settings => Ethernet (right click) => Properties => Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) => Properties (then add IP) and the “OK”. Lynx computer: Other computers must be set at least 5 away from this IP. For example, HyTek computer should be at least:
  7. Set Ethernet Adapter Power options. Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center => Change adapter settings => Ethernet (right click) => Properties => Configure => Power Options Tab => unclick check boxes (i.e., remove check marks). Click “OK.”
  8. Power Management.
    • --Control Panel => Power Options =>Create Power Plan => High Performance. Set all to “Never”
    • --Control Panel => Power Options =>Choose when to turn off display. Set all to “Never”
    • --Control Panel => Power Options =>Choose when the computer sleeps. Set all to “Never”
    • --Control Panel => Power Options =>Choose what the power buttons do. Set all to “Nothing”
  9. Network Sharing. Remove all security. Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center=>Change Advanced Sharing Options. Allow all sharing, no passwords, allow discovery, etc.
  10. Program Use Notifications. Control Panel => Security and Maintenance => Change User Account Control Settings => Change to “Never Notify”
  11. Map Drive for Use With HyTek. In Explorer, click on “This PC”=> Computer Tab => Map Drive … Follow instructions. Map drive to location on Lynx computer where lif files are stored. Need this to "Get Times" from Lynx.
  12. Reboot Computer(s). After some or all of these changes are made you will need to reboot the computer for the changes to take effect. Sometimes you will need to reboot several times (some suggest up to 3 times.)
  13. Computer Start Order On the Network. While this may not have any impact on networking the computers, it doesn't hurt to start your computers in the same order for each event. Start devices that collect data followed by client computers followed by computers that manipulate data. For example: start chip timing device(s) (if present) => ResulTV laptop(s) => Camera(s) => Lynx laptop => HyTek/RunScore laptop(s).
  14. Run FinishLynx Software as "Administrator." This may help with connection problems to FinishLynx cameras. Sharing administrator permissions over a network may be challenging when using capture/evaluation laptops.