Varsity Boys Division 5
Presented by Les Schwab Tires and Farmers' Insurance

  • Event No. 13 -- Individual Results
  • Advancers: Top 10 Teams, Top 10 Individuals
  • Place TmPlNo.Name (Yr)DSchoolTime
  • 113784Neilson Powless (9)5Victory Christian16:25 T
  • 223785Samuel England (11)5Woodland Christian18:32 T
  • 333751Logan Winfield (11)5Sac Country Day18:34 T
  • 443705Cody Meredith (11)5Faith Christian18:35 T
  • 553746Jacob Frankel (11)5Sac Country Day18:37 T
  • 663759Matt Spring (10)5Tioga18:39 T
  • 773695Ryan Guerrero (12)5Elliot Christian19:05 T
  • 883676Tanner Nissen (12)5Capital Christian19:07 T
  • 993778Donnie Bacchi (9)5Victory Christian19:40 T
  • 10103717Jon Kuzmich (11)5Foresthill19:48 T
  • 11113671Justin Keehner (10)5Capital Christian20:00 T
  • 12123757Brando Nelson-Haven (9)5Tioga20:00 T
  • 13133756Anthony Hatton (12)5Tioga20:08 T
  • 14143752Johny Amoruso (10)5Tioga20:08 T
  • 15153790Cameron Morrow (10)5Woodland Christian20:11 T
  • 16163668Josh Dark (12)5Capital Christian20:12 T
  • 17173718Sean McMaster (11)5Foresthill20:20 T
  • 18183703Aidan Greathouse (11)5Faith Christian20:20 T
  • 19193719Kayden Zoller (9)5Foresthill20:24 T
  • 20203716Jacob Irwin (10)5Foresthill20:28 T
  • 21213694Michael Callahan (12)5Elliot Christian20:29 T
  • 22223780Everett Findlay (11)5Victory Christian20:29 T
  • 23233764Justin Ellsworth (12)5Vacaville Christian20:29 T
  • 24243697Tyler Pitto (10)5Elliot Christian20:36 T
  • 25253706Skylar Ripley (12)5Faith Christian20:38 T
  • 26263753Beau Casazza (12)5Tioga20:39 T
  • 27273763Emre Basaran (11)5Vacaville Christian20:39 T
  • 28283670Parker Hansen (10)5Capital Christian20:48 T
  • 29293704Joe Valrey (11)5Faith Christian20:48 T
  • 30303781Joel Fischel (12)5Victory Christian20:55 T
  • 31313672Justin Kerri (10)5Capital Christian20:57 T
  • 323711Travis Clough (11)5Forest Lake Christia21:18 I
  • 33323715Randy Clover (11)5Foresthill21:20 T
  • 34333696Andy Nitschke (9)5Elliot Christian21:42 T
  • 35343699Joey Snapp (9)5Elliot Christian21:53 T
  • 36353782Chet Gorski (11)5Victory Christian21:53 T
  • 37363787Jacob Leon (9)5Woodland Christian21:56 T
  • 38373786Thomas England (9)5Woodland Christian21:58 T
  • 39383700William White (12)5Elliot Christian22:15 T
  • 40393745Wei Dai (12)5Sac Country Day22:17 T
  • 41403665Michael Blakeman (12)5Capital Christian22:18 T
  • 42413742Morgan Bennett-Smith (11)5Sac Country Day22:26 T
  • 433688Gabe Chroust (12)5Central Catholic22:27 I
  • 44423768Carl MacLean (11)5Vacaville Christian22:42 T
  • 45433755Matt Funk (12)5Tioga22:51 T
  • 46443698Jacob Smith (11)5Elliot Christian22:59 T
  • 473712Luke Reed (11)5Forest Lake Christia23:01 I
  • 48453701Romeo Ayala (10)5Faith Christian23:08 T
  • 49463788Josh Leon (11)5Woodland Christian23:18 T
  • 50473789Jacob Martinez (9)5Woodland Christian23:29 T
  • 51483707Evan Treanor (10)5Faith Christian23:34 T
  • 52493779Grant Clark (9)5Victory Christian23:40 T
  • 53503777Steven Bacchi (9)5Victory Christian23:51 T
  • 543654Dean Schauer (9)5Bradshaw Christian24:23 I
  • 55513765Cameron Hood (12)5Vacaville Christian24:26 T
  • 56523762James Aguilar (11)5Vacaville Christian25:34 T
  • 57533744Yanni Dahmani (11)5Sac Country Day26:35 T
  • 58543743Skovran Cunningham (9)5Sac Country Day26:36 T
  • 59553702James Garbutt (10)5Faith Christian26:36 T
  • 603731Jonas Viernes (11)5Millennium27:11 I
  • Varsity Boys Division 5
  • Team Results and Scores
  • 1.Tioga (Ave: 19:55, Total: 1:39:34, Range: 2:00)
    16Matt Spring18:39
    212Brando Nelson-Haven20:00
    313Anthony Hatton20:08
    414Johny Amoruso20:08
    526Beau Casazza20:39
    6(43)Matt Funk22:51
  • 2.Capital Christian (Ave: 20:13, Total: 1:41:04, Range: 1:50)
    18Tanner Nissen19:07
    211Justin Keehner20:00
    316Josh Dark20:12
    428Parker Hansen20:48
    531Justin Kerri20:57
    6(40)Michael Blakeman22:18
  • 3.Victory Christian (Ave: 19:53, Total: 1:39:22, Range: 5:28)
    11Neilson Powless16:25
    29Donnie Bacchi19:40
    322Everett Findlay20:29
    430Joel Fischel20:55
    535Chet Gorski21:53
    6(49)Grant Clark23:40
    7(50)Steven Bacchi23:51
  • 4.Foresthill (Ave: 20:28, Total: 1:42:20, Range: 1:32)
    110Jon Kuzmich19:48
    217Sean McMaster20:20
    319Kayden Zoller20:24
    420Jacob Irwin20:28
    532Randy Clover21:20
  • 5.Elliot Christian (Ave: 20:45, Total: 1:43:45, Range: 2:48)
    17Ryan Guerrero19:05
    221Michael Callahan20:29
    324Tyler Pitto20:36
    433Andy Nitschke21:42
    534Joey Snapp21:53
    6(38)William White22:15
    7(44)Jacob Smith22:59
  • 6.Faith Christian (Ave: 20:42, Total: 1:43:29, Range: 4:33)
    14Cody Meredith18:35
    218Aidan Greathouse20:20
    325Skylar Ripley20:38
    429Joe Valrey20:48
    545Romeo Ayala23:08
    6(48)Evan Treanor23:34
    7(55)James Garbutt26:36
  • 7.Woodland Christian (Ave: 21:11, Total: 1:45:55, Range: 4:46)
    12Samuel England18:32
    215Cameron Morrow20:11
    336Jacob Leon21:56
    437Thomas England21:58
    546Josh Leon23:18
    6(47)Jacob Martinez23:29
  • 8.Sac Country Day (Ave: 21:42, Total: 1:48:29, Range: 8:01)
    13Logan Winfield18:34
    25Jacob Frankel18:37
    339Wei Dai22:17
    441Morgan Bennett-Smith22:26
    553Yanni Dahmani26:35
    6(54)Skovran Cunningham26:36
  • 9.Vacaville Christian (Ave: 22:46, Total: 1:53:50, Range: 5:05)
    123Justin Ellsworth20:29
    227Emre Basaran20:39
    342Carl MacLean22:42
    451Cameron Hood24:26
    552James Aguilar25:34