Varsity Girls Division 5
Presented by Les Schwab Tires and Farmers' Insurance

  • Event No. 15 -- Individual Results
  • Advancers: Top 10 Teams, Top 10 Individuals
  • Place TmPlNo.Name (Yr)DSchoolTime
  • 113720Anneliese Bradley (10)5Millennium21:34 T
  • 223772Eleah Miner (12)5Victory Christian22:20 T
  • 333645Morgan Breipohl (10)5Bradshaw Christian22:34 T
  • 43714Kelsey Zoller (12)5Foresthill22:38 I
  • 53710Makena Wong (11)5Forest Lake Christia22:53 I
  • 643770Holly Harvey (10)5Victory Christian23:09 T
  • 73761Payton Spering (9)5Vacaville Christian23:19 I
  • 853649Shannon Klotz (9)5Bradshaw Christian23:44 T
  • 93689Abigail Fortino (9)5Elliot Christian24:11 I
  • 1063771Alli Jacobs (9)5Victory Christian24:51 T
  • 1173776Emma Welborn (10)5Victory Christian24:53 T
  • 1283723Sarah Diaz (12)5Millennium25:38 T
  • 1393773Mary Novak (10)5Victory Christian25:44 T
  • 14103644Amanda Bedolla (11)5Bradshaw Christian25:56 T
  • 153690McKenna Konesky (9)5Elliot Christian26:17 I
  • 163683Anna Kiesser (10)5Central Catholic26:21 I
  • 173760Summer Richardson (10)5Vacaville Christian26:28 I
  • 183682Ana Hernandez (12)5Central Catholic26:31 I
  • 193686Katelyn Mitchell (11)5Central Catholic26:57 I
  • 203658Heather Duffek (10)5Capital Christian27:06 I
  • 21113721Serena Cho (9)5Millennium27:11 T
  • 22123722Renee Cifra (9)5Millennium27:21 T
  • 233713Jodie Huerta (10)5Foresthill28:04
  • 243691Caitlin Paulson (9)5Elliot Christian28:37
  • 25133646Kelly Brennan (10)5Bradshaw Christian28:43 T
  • 263659Yuline Fan (11)5Capital Christian29:01
  • 273685Danielle Magana (10)5Central Catholic29:07
  • 28143736Mary-Clare Bosco (11)5Sac Country Day29:55 T
  • 29153738Hana Owaidat (10)5Sac Country Day29:55 T
  • 30163769Abigail Fischel (10)5Victory Christian29:57 T
  • 313661Amanda Pizzo (11)5Capital Christian30:00
  • 32173647Cristina Hanson (9)5Bradshaw Christian30:09 T
  • 333708Hannah Allington (9)5Forest Lake Christia30:33
  • 34183733Micaela Bennett-Smith (9)5Sac Country Day31:36 T
  • 35193735Darby Bosco (10)5Sac Country Day31:36 T
  • 36203724Marissa Walten (11)5Millennium31:54 T
  • 373693Sarah Towne (10)5Elliot Christian32:02
  • 38213737Madeline Mahla (10)5Sac Country Day32:27 T
  • 39Amanda Towne5Elliot ChristianNT
  • Varsity Girls Division 5
  • Team Results and Scores
  • 1.Victory Christian (Ave: 24:12, Total: 2:00:57, Range: 3:24)
    12Eleah Miner22:20
    24Holly Harvey23:09
    36Alli Jacobs24:51
    47Emma Welborn24:53
    59Mary Novak25:44
    6(16)Abigail Fischel29:57
  • 2.Bradshaw Christian (Ave: 26:14, Total: 2:11:06, Range: 7:35)
    13Morgan Breipohl22:34
    25Shannon Klotz23:44
    310Amanda Bedolla25:56
    413Kelly Brennan28:43
    517Cristina Hanson30:09
  • 3.Millennium (Ave: 26:44, Total: 2:13:38, Range: 10:20)
    11Anneliese Bradley21:34
    28Sarah Diaz25:38
    311Serena Cho27:11
    412Renee Cifra27:21
    520Marissa Walten31:54
  • 4.Sac Country Day (Ave: 31:06, Total: 2:35:29, Range: 2:32)
    114Mary-Clare Bosco29:55
    215Hana Owaidat29:55
    318Micaela Bennett-Smith31:36
    419Darby Bosco31:36
    521Madeline Mahla32:27