Help: RunScore Events

Add Reports

In the "Event Name" field place the race report name and, if desired, date and location. Timerhub supports RunScore road race and cross country results formats.

In the field identified with "" place the event URL. The entry has to take the form: You can have as may directories as needed. No need to enter the "http://", it will be added for you. If the string entered is not a web address the entry will be rejected.

Edit Listed Report Entries

Click in the line you wish to edit and a box will appear with the text ready to edit. Click "Save" to save your changes otherwise the changes will not be made. Please do not remove the "http://".

Change Report Order

Using the "Move" icon (the blue circle with the up-down arrows) on the left side of the entry, drag and drop events into the desired order. NOTE: iPads do not support this jQuery drag and drop functionality and the button is not enabled on iPad.


Click or tap on the "X" to delete an entry.

Please note: When testing changes in the event list it is necessary to log out. Otherwise, changes will not show as expected.