Help for Uploading and Deleting Team Logos


This simple logo uploader is used to upload team logos to the Timerhub server. These logos are used in results and scores web pages.

Team Logos

  1. Team logos are inserted into web results after the place field and before athlete name.
  2. Logo files in png format can be selected and upload in groups of no more than 20 files (this is a web security feature). When PNG files are uploaded files with the same name are overwritten.
  3. To upload logos in batches of >20 file simply place the files in a ZIP file and upload. The limit on the size of ZIP files is 2 MB (roughly 300 logos sized to 70px x 70px).
  4. If necessary logos can be deleted.


  1. Only png files can be uploaded.
  2. All file name must be lower case (including the png extension).
  3. The team logos will be sized to 40px by 40px. The files uploaded should be fairly small (no bigger than 70px x 70px).
  4. Team logo file names must match exactly the team, school, or club name.
  5. If different long and short team/school names are used a logo file for each team name is needed.