Help for Theme Editor


This simple editor is used to create and edit themes for Timerhub web pages. The theme set up is a two-step process: (1) create or edit themes, and (2) Assign or associate a theme with the working directory where Result and Index files are stored.


  1. The theme editor requires three bits of information: (1) Theme name, (2) background color, and (3) lettering color. Just click on the color swatches to change the color. Save changes by clicking on "Submit" or hitting Return.
  2. If you change colors the Hex and RGB values will be update when you submit the form or hit return.
  3. Color code shortcuts (like '#fff') are not supported.

Assign Theme to Event Directory

  1. For theming to work, themes must be assigned to events.
  2. Events should be identified by directory name. For example, use "myevent" as the Event Directory in the url: "myevent" is the highest level directory in the url.
  3. Team logos can be turned on or off. In column titled "Team Logos (1=on, 0=off)" enter a 1 to show team logos on each result page or 0 to turn off. "On" is the default.


  1. For best results in picking colors, please use the most recent version of the Chrome browser.
  2. Other browsers (e.g., Firefox, Edge, etc.) also work well. Older browsers (before Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 9.1) do not support color picking.
  3. Please note: When testing changes in themes it is necessary to log out. Otherwise, changes will not show as expected.